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        Christine Smith with her husband, Mike came to live in Spain

        more than 29 years ago, during that time they set up a Villa

        Management business and never looked back. They are now

        retired and spend much of their time involved with the

        Rojales Pantomime group.

        Christine’s interest was sparked when she went to see a

        performance by the then Torrevieja Show group. She thought

        “I’d like to have a go at that” but not being a singer and no

        experience of theatre was not sure if it was the right thing

        to do but joined anyway and was quite happy to be on stage in

        the chorus.

        When the Show group’s founder and director left the group,

        she thought “I’d love a go at that” and so she did and was with

        them for 12 happy years, directing “Upstairs, Downstairs” a

        comedy “Anna & the King” also a production of “Oliver”.

        She then took a break and then along came a chance to join

        the Rojales Pantomime Group, She played various parts in

        “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Red Riding Hood,” “Robinson

        Crusoe,” “Snow White,” & “The Wizard of Oz.” She then went

        on to direct “Aladdin” and “Dick Whittington”.

        Chris has had ample opportunity to discover the “highs” and

        “lows” of a director’s job but the highs make it all worthwhile

        and she’s enjoyed every minute of it. She has been with the

        group 8 years now and still loving it.

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