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        A letter to the Audience

        Hello and a warm welcome to you all. I have been with the Rojales
        Pantomime group since it was formed in 2008.

        This will be the 4th Pantomime that I have directed, the others being

        Dick Whittington, Aladdin, Cinderella and now Sleeping Beauty, one of
        the most loved Pantomimes.

        Until I came to live in Spain I had no experience of stage but after

        seeing a production by The Torrevieja show group I thought I’d like

        to have a go at that so I joined them and stayed for 12 years, and

        then took a small break.

        I have always loved Pantomime and when I saw that a Pantomime

        group was being formed I joined them and have loved it. I enjoy

        sewing and so I have made many of the costumes, this year though I
        have some wonderful help from Sue Sellwood and we have worked well


        There is so much work goes into our productions and we have a good

        team backstage, building, creating and painting scenery and props.

        I would like to give my personal thanks to Thelma Judson, Sue

        Sellwood and Richard Kingston for all the help and dedication they

        have given to me over the last year.

        The cast (though only small and not singers) have plenty of laughter
        and enthusiasm. I thank each and every one of them.  A special

        thanks to Susan Faulkner from Totally Dance for allowing her girls to

        join us this year.

        Now sit back and enjoy our interpretation of Sleeping Beauty.

        Please feel free to join in with boo’s, hisses, songs and cheers.

        I wish you all A Happy and Prosperous New Year.

        Christine Smith (Show Director)

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