Two Nuns And A Bedpan

One day two nursing nuns were visiting elderly patients who were

As they were driving down the road toward their next call, they ran out
of petrol.

The first nun said, "We passed a petrol station a little while back. I'll
walk back to get some petrol while you stay here with the car. But what
will I carry the petrol in? We don't have anything in the car."

The second nun said, "There's a bed pan in the trunk. You can put the
petrol in that to bring it back here."

So off went the first one. When she returned with the petrol in the bed
pan, the two of them proceeded to open the petrol tank and pour in the petrol.

Just then, an 18 wheeler with two men in it came by. The man who was not
driving leaned way out the window and said to the driver in a surprised
voice, "Did you see that? Now, THAT'S FAITH!"