Over the past 15 years I have encountered many adults and children who have found a particular set of words difficult to spell. Despite various methods and the best efforts of pupils, teachers and students, a list of common errors always remained. To combat the problem I have tried out various techniques, including spelling list stories and amusing mnemonics. Mnemonics are systems devised to aid the memory to retain certain information.

This colouring or painting book brings together mnemonics for the most frequently mis-spelt words, enabling all children to tackle spelling with enjoyment, whether or not they have a natural aptitude for it. These methods can be used as a whole class approach and are especially needed by poor spellers now that the National Curriculum puts particular emphasis on correct spelling.

The pace of learning words from this book varies from child to child, but as a general rule, a child with spelling difficulties usually learns one a week. The time taken to colour or paint a page, is sufficient to transfer the idea from the short-term to the long-term memory.

A brief look at the completed work every day, is a pleasant approach to over learning.

This is the first of three books, and in preparation of the series I am greatly indebted to my colleagues, pupils, and their parents who tried out the various methods and reported back on their success, giving me their enthusiastic support and then urging me to go into print and share the ideas.

Here then is the first of 3 books, designed to pave the way to a more enjoyable and successful approach to the teaching and remembering of spellings.

The further titles in the series will be
Blue Book 2 "Fun with Homonyms" (beech/beach)(would/wood)(to/too)
Green Book 3 "Spelling Lists  Can be Fun".

The theme, then, is to learn with fun, and I sincerely hope that this will be the case!

Angela Tregear-Liddicoat

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